Gratefulness and Acts of Kindness (MKE WK20)

As we are embarking on and navigating tempestuous seas in our world; I find myself recognizing that there is much to be grateful for and many places where we can just spontaneously perform a RAK. There is so much unknown and subdued fear around us. The faces and demeanors of those we do come intoContinue reading “Gratefulness and Acts of Kindness (MKE WK20)”

Are Your Shoelaces Untied? (MKE WK 18)

A paraphrase from Scott Fardulis’ leadership call. “Don’t worry about my untied shoelaces, they can’t trip me (at least not for long) as long as I’m lengthening my strides.” In other words, I may have imperfections, rough edges, and other inhibitions, etc.; but, as long as I’m strengthening, lengthening, and increasing my strides for theContinue reading “Are Your Shoelaces Untied? (MKE WK 18)”

Your Life’s Blueprint – MKE WK 17HJ)

In listening to an “Inspiring Habits” YouTube recording, I was excited with this acronym of VISION. Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish, …” V: Visualize (see yourself) I: Internalize, Integrate, Incorporate (make it personal) S: Strategize (make a plan) Proverbs 14:15 “… the prudent man looketh well to his going.” I:Continue reading “Your Life’s Blueprint – MKE WK 17HJ)”

More on LEGACY (MKE WK 15)

Legacy is one of my PPNs. The thought of it has been challenging me especially since the outset of a new decade and year. Here is another acronym I created as a definition and purpose-driven statement. Living Everyday Giving All Courageously Year-round. Any thoughts out there? Or, creations of your own? Ideas for more? FeelContinue reading “More on LEGACY (MKE WK 15)”

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