New Habits: Different Outcomes –MKE W1

Habits and outcomes, i.e. cause and effect …. Does what’s inside of me affect what shows up on the outside of me? What internal messaging is playing in my subconscious mind that is affecting and controlling the outcomes in my external world? “Don’t be conformed to this world; rather, be TRANSFORMED by RENEWing your mind.” (Rom. 12:2) and “as we think, we are …” (Prov. 23:7)

Being on a weight-loss, lifestyle change now for quite some time, I definitely realize that the whole process is about much more than food control. I must alter the record playing inside of me in order to effect change on the plate, in my mouth and ultimately what’s inside my skin. In other words, I must create new habits/new thinking to replace old habits/thinking. I must re-wire for a different response and outcome. I’ve found that I can actually ‘listen’ to my body and glean needful messages about what foods are saying and how my body is responding. Yes, it’s true, I can be so accustomed and comfortable with a particular outcome that I’m not consciously in tune with what’s creating the outcome. Many things can be triggers for the cause: an emotion, a circumstance, an event, a memory, a smell, a sound, a feeling, even social pressure, etc. So, when I train myself to listen to what, why or how my body talks or responds, amazing things begin to occur. Correction can take place. I can chip away at the old habits by creating and replacing with new ones. One hundred fifty plus pounds later proves it! New thoughts, new habits, new me!

Being on this journey is truly transformational. I AM what I THINK …. therefore, what and how I THINK is crucial for good habits.

Published by whollywellthy by Nancy Modlin

I am a very blessed child of the King! A wife, mom, and friend to any. Born and raised in upstate NY, the snowiest city in the U.S., Syracuse. (We actually lived in a suburb, Cicero.) We now live in Lexington, NC. Quite a change! I have always loved teaching, BA Elem. Ed. Home-schooled our sons, also. We were privileged to do a fair amount of travelling stateside helping with grassroots activities in the political arena and were able to shake hands with many well-known elected officials. Some time ago, I began to explore and have come to love the alternative health arena. Now, I love sharing with others about finding their pathway to whole health. I am currently enrolled in a program for health/life coaching certification. It is never too late to learn more!!

7 thoughts on “New Habits: Different Outcomes –MKE W1

  1. Nancy, your blog is so inspiring and helpful to those of us who are constantly working on our weight. You losing a hundred fifty plus pounds is truly transformational. What is your secret? Congratulations on your hard efforts! I liked how you learned to listen to your body and how to pay attention to its responses. .

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    1. It’s been a journey and a learning experience. It started with a pilot program around a new protein drink. The program was called Trim Body Transformation designed by an integrative health specialist MD here in our area. It included strict accountability with logs and reporting. I continued long after the initial 90 days (I was the 2nd highest loser by %age of body weight lost.). As time went on, I kept the same foundation but adapted as I went and continued to listen to my body. I have not reached my final goal yet; so, the lifestyle continues one day at a time. Not just for today or tomorrow but forever. Listen, learn, adapt – create a mindset!!


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