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Health Triumphant -Wholly Wellthy 4 Life

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Contact: Michelle Wallach, COO YGYI

Phone: 800-982-3197

Email: Support@youngevity.com

Exponential Growth at Little-Known Local Business

Clients Experiencing Radical Health and Life Transformations

[LEXINGTON, NC, January 1, 2027]   Sitting on the beautifully-decorated porch with homeowner, Nancy Modlin of Lexington, NC, I can’t but help ask, “How did you get to this place in your life?” The quiet reply was not what I expected to hear. “I know I am created and designed by the Omnipotent God for a specific purpose; so, I simply trust Him and confidently believe in myself knowing that I can be what I will to be according to that purpose established within me. I then trust the process in faith.” “Wow, I’m just dumb-struck with awe,” I replied. I love hearing the stories of powerful women and take that opportunity whenever one presents itself.  Here’s the story she unfolded.

She and her family moved to North Carolina from Central New York in the early summer of 2006. She and her husband are the parents of two handsome sons, Matthew and Joshua. They were six and nine when they arrived in NC. Nancy has a BA degree in Education. She taught for several years at a private school in Syracuse; but, then put her degree to use at home with the boys and home-schooled them through graduation.  Both of them have since graduated college. The eldest is married with two children and is currently a U.S. Senator.  He is the CEO of a large firm in Raleigh and is also working himself up the ranks in Youngevity International.  The younger son is married with two children, also, and is serving as lead pastor of a congregation at a swiftly-growing church in Charlotte.  

After finishing teaching younger students, Nancy has turned her attention to a different path of teaching through health and life coaching.  Due to some of her own health challenges, Nancy began exploring the diverse world of natural and alternative health.  She found many answers for herself. Subsequently, others began inquiring of her knowledge for their issues.  There was an instant bonding to the new information that she was gleaning.  So the quest began for an outlet and business model for her passion.  Through her own experiences, she realized that lasting changes don’t happen without radical habit-change.  This was not what most folks wanted to hear.  Having researched several different certification schools, Nancy found one that resonated with her passions, her education, and the approach she knew had to happen.  Following her graduation and certification, she began attracting attention as one by one clients began getting outstanding results as they were gently guided through, sometimes intense, self-discovery looking for root causes for their symptoms.  they began to understand that the manifestation of their world without was in direct correlation to their world within. So, in other words, just putting a band-aid on the symptom was not a fix. She explains, “Symptoms are simply an indication of something else going on in the biological terrain in the body.  The body can only produce as healthy a fruit (symptoms) as the soil (cellular level) in which it is grown.  Roots of dis-ease are a display of this cellular terrain.  Epigenetics plays a significant role in this.  All that to say that she loves serving her clients by guiding them to an understanding of why, how and what changes are necessary for true transformation.  Answers can be found in a variety of places – nutritional products (she promotes and sells the benefits of the Youngevity internationally-recognized brand) to re-establish and maintain the “soil”, healthier food choices or the avoidance of others, spiritual, relational and more, etc.  It can be complex; but, the end result is so rewarding.   She lives for those “light bulb” moments when a person “sees” truth  and comes to an understanding of the principles, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.,(most likely in combination) and how they affect and effect lasting change.   Because of the passion with which Nancy serves her clients and the evidence of their whole life transformation, news is traveling that there is hope for truly living healthy.  She recounts many stories of those that had been given a “life sentence” who are now gratefully living a blissfully happy and healthy life.  Many of her clients become friends because of the deep bonds that are established.  Her clients have told us that they know that there is a genuine concern for their best welfare – that they are not just a $$$.  The practice is being built on the referrals of others.  And, growing it is – exponentially!  There are also plenty of invitations to speak publicly and share her story and what’s she’s learned along the way. 

There have been two large physical hurdles that Nancy herself has conquered.  One being infertility/miscarriage (this was the impetus for her initial quest for alternative answers) and the other was many years of gross obesity.  As has been stated, God has graciously given her and her husband two amazing sons.  She implemented changes along the way as she discovered help in her searching.  Then, in 2013, she started her journey to uncover the buried slim and fit self.  She has released over 170# since that time reaching her target weight of 130# and exercises 20 -30 minutes at least three times/week.  Along with that, she is a firm believer in Dr. Joel Wallach’s/Youngevity’s 90-for-Life program of nutritional supplementation since it is the most bio-available for maintaining cellular health, avoids the 12 bad foods, and drinks at least half her body weight in water daily.  Her family follows suit and their healthy glow radiates.  Her family’s empowered lifestyle is like a magnet drawing others to them to join the health movement.  

As I sit here with her on the wrap-around covered porch of her newly-remodeled home, I notice the gorgeous professionally-landscaped acreage.  There is a grove of beautiful oaks that define the perimeter and a slight creek running through the back.  She invites me to walk with her.  We go around back and delight in the beauty of the  bi-level deck that stretches off the back of the 16’x32′ sun room.  She shares that one of her loves is to practice generous hospitality.  She desired a place where guests could come find serenity and a haven for renewal of spirit and respite from cares.  I believe this has been accomplished.  Stepping inside the home, Nancy takes me to the front foyer and shares with me a dream she had of a loft library that would be accessed from the upstairs but would wrap around the perimeter of the second story of the foyer.  Here, one could walk around and peruse the large inventory of books, choose one and even cozy up on the window seat overlooking the front yard and read to the heart’s content.  The whole thing is an engineering anomaly.  It is a dream come true!!!

With the consistent growth of the businesses, she and her husband have been able to gain financial liberty much sooner than expected.  They love the freedom that they now have to travel frequently to visit places around the globe of historical significance, places of exquisite beauty, places of fascinating cultural diversity, or take a cruise.  They love to actively and frequently participate in a variety of short-term missionary opportunities to help meet the needs of the field.

Faith is a strategic part of the family dynamics.  It is a non-negotiable.  Lee and Nancy are ardent believers in God, attend church regularly, and financially support the ministry of the church faithfully.  They are overflowing with grateful praise for the blessing of their greatly-elevated monthly income, even up to $50,000!!!  This means that the tithes and offerings to God’s work can continue to increase, as well.  Nancy stands in awe of the realization of God’s promise in 3 John 2 where it states that ‘beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”  She is confident of God’s provision and promise.  His Word does not fail nor lie!

The Modlin family has fairly recently, in 2025, realized a long-awaited dream come true that they’ve had, that of establishing a foundation ministry in memory of Nancy’s parents, Lawrence E. and Shirley P. Fox.  They spent their life dedicated to ministry in the church and have a multitude of spiritual children.  They sang, taught classes from infants to elders, shepherded young people, drove the church bus for decades, held Bible studies at work, was treasurer for decades, was missionary leader, practiced constant hospitality to any and all (even had four families under one roof for a period of time), shared of their garden and canning, gave sweat equity whenever needed, and just so much more.  With this in mind, the family has determined that they would like to continue to give and support young people to help prepare them for whatever ministry God is moving them into.  “We want to help them have resources and funds to pursue their passions, visions and dreams in God’s kingdom. ” We are confident that they can be what they will to be.  Sometimes they may need a bit of assistance – whether it’s seed funds for a dream, a scholarship for education, or some other project.  The parameters are still being developed; but, we are excited about the wide-ranging prospects,” Nancy states.

Before I left, Nancy shared that her life’s most crowning achievement or fulfillment would be that her legacy would be that she is not remembered so much by what she may have left FOR others; but, rather that there will be an abundance of what she’s sown IN others.  “Eternally rewarding”, I say.

For more information or to contact Nancy directly about her Health Triumphant – Wholly Wellthy 4 Life services, she can be reached at #336-470-3748  or email to mineralsandpearls4life@gmail.com.  

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  1. Nancy, your press release was very informative and correlates beautifully with your DMP. You accomplishments are everything you dreamed of and it is so exciting to see them manifested. Your determination and your trust in the Lord for His guidance play a huge part in your success. Congratulations on all of your efforts and for a job well done.

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